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Use our Cashback Comparison Tool to get the best deal on your purchases. We have over 5000 stores in the database. Cashback rates are updated once a day. We will continuely add new cashback sites into the tool, please bookmark us and come back often. Always double check the cashback rate on the actual cashback site before making your purchases.

Cashback Help

What is cash back?
Cash back is similar to a rebate. After following the provider's cash back procedure to make a purchase, the cash back reward should show up after a period of time stipulated by the cash back provider. The cash back comes in many forms such as cash or points in a points program.

Is there a limit on how much cash back I can get?
There is no limit on the amount of cash back you can earn.

How do I earn cash back on purchases?
That depends on the individual cash back web site. Usually, you are required to sign up at the web site and then click through the store link on that web site to make the purchase in order to get credited.